Our strengths

  • Industrial scale operation As the Industry leader, the Cordyceps industry scale of Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. is more than five times that of large and medium-sized domestic cordyceps bases and a hundred times that of small-scale workshops. view more

  • Opening up the industry system of Cordyceps Making breakthroughs with a number of technical problems in the Cordyceps industry, building a scientifically managed industry chain of ancient cultivation methods. view more

  • Cordyceps bioinformatics management system Conducting researches regarding the growth environment such as temperature, humidity, and the materials needed for optimized breeding of the caterpillars. After generations of optimization, infection rate, herb yield, and quality of our Ophiocordyceps sinensis have successfully improved. view more

  • Breaking technology of Cordyceps breeding Developed techniques such as "targeted breeding" and "pathological section based infection" significantly increase the infection rate of the insect hosts. view more

Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co.

Officially established in 2020, Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. is dedicated to the complete cordyceps breeding and production industry chain and deep processing biotechnology research by integrating the technology and experiences the cordyceps research team has accumulated over a decade.

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