Our strengths

  • Commitment to Sustainability (ESG) We are dedicated to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, with a particular focus on tree species conservation for carbon reduction. Through sustainable cultivation practices and conservation efforts, we contribute to biodiversity preservation and the mitigation of climate change impacts. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability aims to create lasting value for society and the planet. view more

  • Swift Global Expansion Our global expansion strategy is executed with a focus on efficiency and agility. By leveraging our robust network of partners, distributors, and suppliers, we establish a strong presence in key markets and capitalize on new opportunities swiftly. This dynamic approach allows us to respond effectively to changing market conditions and drive growth. view more

  • Enhanced Active Compounds We prioritize the continuous enhancement of active compounds, such as Atcins found in Antrodia cinnamomea, through cutting-edge cultivation techniques and innovative technologies. Rigorous quality control and optimized growing conditions allow us to produce products with high potency and efficacy, delivering exceptional health benefits to our consumers. view more

  • Revolutionary Patented Cultivation Technology Our innovative cultivation technology for Cattle Camphor Mushroom ensures that costs are meticulously controlled through efficient agricultural practices and optimized resource utilization. By implementing strategic cost-saving measures and leveraging economies of scale, we minimize expenses while maintaining the highest quality standards in our cultivation operations. view more

Cordyceps Sunshine Biotech Holdings Co., Ltd.

Officially established in 2020, Cordyceps Sunshine Biotech Holdings Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the complete cordyceps breeding and production industry chain and deep processing biotechnology research by integrating the technology and experiences the cordyceps research team has accumulated over a decade.

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