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Corporate Video of Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co.:

Date:2021-07-05     Browse:517

    Corporate Video of Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co.:
    Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. is the only enterprise in the industry that boasts the complete industry chain of Cordyceps cultivation and production and deep processing biotechnology. Following the life cycle pattern of cordyceps and the ideas of primitive environmental conservation, we introduce the world's leading strain implantation technology from Taiwan and integrate it with the resources of the team with years of experience in cultivating and producing Cordyceps in Tibetan. By settling in Chengdu to establish the large informatization Cordyceps cultivation center and building a Cordyceps field cultivation base in Chongde Ranch, Xiaojin County, we have effectively integrated the industry while making breakthroughs with a number of technical issues in the Cordyceps industry and building a scientifically managed industry chain with ancient cultivation method. 

    Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. demonstrates its outstanding strengths and production capacity scale in the demanding market with scarce resources and short supply. As approved by the Department of Science, the techniques Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. masters result in the fruiting rate far exceeding the industry standard.

    Distributors are active every year in June and July, the cordyceps harvesting season, and the products are acquired as soon as they are out in the market. Chendu Skyherb Biotechnology Co. has a promising future with a niche market.